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The best devices for cleaning teeth and daily needs

1. Remove food leftovers, clean interdental area effectively. 2. Gentle massage gum, improve dental and oral hygiene. 3. Three operation modes for varying oral care needs -- Soft & Normal & Pulse. 4. Waterproof and washable, easy to clean. 5. Water nozzle rotates in every direction. 6. Induction charging, safe to use. 7. 2 minutes auto shutdown, very power-saving. 8. Indicator light displays battery status. 9. Water only, as acid mouthwash may corrodes oral irrigator. 10. First time user should use soft mode for a week then move on to other modes. -Water Flosser handle X 1 -Nozzle X 5 -Inductive Charging Base X 1 -User manual X 1  ..
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1. Product net weight: 0.25kg 2. Product size: 72 x 85 x 218mm 3. Water tank: 300ml 4. Voltage 100-240V AC 50 / 60Hz 5. Battery: Lithium battery 1400 mAh 6. Power: 5W 7. Motor speed: 1400-1800 rpm 8. Charging time: 4 hours 9. Mode: natural, soft, pulse 10. Water pressure: normal 60-100PSI soft water: 30-60PSI water flow: ≥200ml/min 11. Noise standard: less than 72 DBS 12. Accessories: Conventional nozzle x2 charging cable x1 manual x1..
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